Our Company's Overseas Operations

At Çakıroğlu Metal, we not only have a strong presence within Turkey but also in the international arena. Through our overseas operations, we offer high-quality iron and steel products to customers located in different geographies


Our Global Distribution Network

One of the cornerstones of the success of our overseas operations is our extensive and effective distribution network. With strong logistics partners and a well-organized supply chain, we deliver our products reliably to customers worldwide.


International Standards

We ensure that our products are produced in compliance with international quality standards. Manufacturing with consideration for the standards of different countries enables us to be competitive in global markets.

Adaptation to Local Needs

In our overseas operations, we strive to adapt to the local requirements and demands of each region. This ensures that our products are effectively and efficiently utilized in different markets


Respect for Cultural Differences

While conducting our international operations, respecting cultural differences and establishing strong partnerships with our business associates are among our priorities. This approach allows us to build long-term and mutually beneficial relationships.



In our overseas operations, we not only conduct business but also prioritize environmental and social sustainability. By contributing to local communities and employing sustainable production methods, we aim to create a positive global impact.



As Çakıroğlu Metal, we continue to operate successfully in the international arena by keeping reliability, quality and customer satisfaction at the highest level in our overseas operations.

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