Ready Iron

Çakıroğlu Metal, with its “ready iron” manufacturing compatible with quality production and technical details, is one of the leading companies of its sector in Turkey. The ready iron production is carried out in an open area of 21000 m2 and a 8000 m2 closed area; and is equipped with the capacity to offer variety of services, from cutting length of static projects, to stirrups, beveling, hoop and bored pile construction.



The Key Advantages of Using Ready-Made Iron

-Zero waste due to pre-fabrication tailored to the project.
-Elimination of time and space constraints.
-Reduction in machinery and equipment expenses.
-Up to 50% reduction in labor and labor costs.
-Prevention of unnecessary iron procurement and formwork errors by conforming to the project tonnage, thus avoiding unnecessary concrete consumption.
-Bending of iron according to TSE 708 standards for radius bending.



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