About Us

Established in 1969, Çakıroğlu Metal continues its operations with its third generation, visionary and dynamic management team.
Its product quality and reliability have been accredited by UKAS and TSE operating systems; meanwhile its outstanding performance in area of use has been adopted by customers.

Çakıroğlu in Number
847 Active Customer
128 Product Type
24 Counties to Export
500 Thousand Tons Annual Sales
Thanks to our advanced logistics network in the serviced areas and the quality we offer in our services, we are the preferred choice for many national and international companies.
We provide you with the best service with high quality
Supply Chain
Our supply network is not limited to Turkey; in addition to Turkey, we can also source goods from Ukraine, Russia, and Europe, making our supply chain wide and diverse. Thanks to its experienced logistics network in the serviced regions, our company has become the preferred choice of many national and international firms due to its exceptional success and quality in services
Supply Network
Transportation and Storage
Thanks to our extensive experience and the presence of logistics centers at key points in the region, we are able to promptly and effectively respond to our customers' demands and requests. Our location enables us to carry out deliveries in the shortest possible time and through the most suitable methods for our customers

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