Cakiroglu Group was founded in 1969 by Sevket Cakiroglu as an iron trade and shipping company based in Karabuk, and today takes place amongst the largest companies in Turkey. At the start of operations, the company quickly began to expand by taking the right steps and making new investments. In this process of growth, the first partnership was formed with 'Cukurova Demir Celik Sanayi Haddecilik Ltd.' in 1979. With this partnership came the actualization of significant large-scaled projects in the heavy industry until 1985.

Cakiroglu Group continued construction activities in 1985, setting up the new construction materials and trading industry venture 'Cakiroglu İnsaat Malzemeleri Ticaret Sanayi Anonim Sirketi'. Around that time, Cakiroglu Group developed its experience in the contracting industry with the building of infrastructure and construction, under the roof of its construction joint stock company ‘Cakiroglu Yapi Anonim Sirketi'.

For the purpose of meeting the rising demands in Turkey and abroad, 'Cakiroglu Ithalat İhracat Metal Sanayi ve Anonim Sirketi' was established and started operations in 1992; providing extensive service ranging from storage to distribution, from sales to import and export. The emerging need for the development and execution of independent exports in 2006, caused the establishment of the iron and steel trade company ‘Cakiroglu Demir Celik Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi', producing ready-iron and coordinating foreign sales while being one of the few production facilities in the iron and steel industry.

Çakıroğlu Group gathered all group companies under one roof in 2000, proudly continuing to contribute to the Turkish economy with its 25000 m2 premises in the village of Orhanlı, providing work for over 250 employees.


Our vision is to develop a clear understanding of innovation while always using advanced technology products, further increasing our production capacity in line with international standards by consistently producing in the highest quality. Our main goal is to achieve a leading position, not only in Turkey, but around the world.


Our mission is to provide an environment where our employees can look to the future with confidence, fully meet the demands of our customers’ needs in accordance with the statutory rules and standards and constantly improve the quality of our products and services to contribute to the country’s economy. Performing these steps, we use local resources in the most effective manner, actualizing production at minimum cost and maximum production while keeping the process eco-friendly.